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Hi, I’m Bryant Burciaga. I’m an aspiring technology entrepreneur, and the host of The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast, a podcast about growth, millennials, technology, startups, and entrepreneurship. I’m the founder of the web and social media marketing agency Code and Vision. Two main topics I’m extremely interested in at the moment include the intersection of finance and technology and the convergence of AI/Machine Learning and Public Policy.


I’ve been involved in the Colorado startup community for a few years now, but my full-time job is working as a Technology Analyst for an investment firm here in Denver, CO.


When I’m not working on any of the above I love getting involved with my community. I currently sit on the boards of Integrated Family Community Services, the Alumni Association Committee for the Denver Scholarship Foundation, and support organizations like the Denver VOICE, and Denver Food Rescue.


I can often be found attending Denver+Boulder entrepreneur events, out and about in the outdoors, volunteering around the community or working on creating new content to share. More than anything I love working towards fulfilling my life mission.

I hold a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration, Triple-Major in Management, Finance, and Marketing from the University of Colorado Denver. Additionally, I’m currently obtaining a degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder.


My Life Mission



My goal in life is to help others be the best that they can be.


We’re all looking for an opportunity to grow and fulfill our purpose in life, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all the amazing people that have supported and guided me throughout the years, who gave ME an opportunity. So to pay respect to where I came from I dedicate my life to fulfilling that mission of helping others be the best they can be by doing what I do best! Need of recap of what that is? Read above!


Contact Me


You can contact me by filling out a form in the contact me page or by sending me a message through social media. I can be found @bryantburciaga. Thanks!