App of the Week: Microsoft OneNote

Posted By on Jul 3, 2019 | 0 comments


What is it: Cloud based note taking app from Microsoft 

How I use it: I use it to keep track of my daily musings, notes, I use it as my agenda keeper for the day. I keep long term goals here, and I also keep notes from the courses I’m taking. You can create checklists, keep blogs/diaries, you can keep graphs and PDF’s, images and more. It’s the only app that consistently works for me in every platform I use it on MacOS, Windows, and my iPhone.  

Do I recommend it? Absolutely love this app. Some could argue Google, Apple, and other 3rd parties have better offerings, but none have consistently worked as well as this has for me. It’s professional, it works across all platforms I’ve tried it on, it has functions for math that could be improved so that I can write equations easier. It has support for pens on iPad, but not iPhone, and it has a couple of quirks, but overall it’s a wonderful tool that is on my main screen on my iPhone. Can’t operate on all gears without this one! 

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