App of the Week: Sleep Cycle

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Sleep Cycle 

What is it: A smarter alarm clock with emphasis on analyzing your sleep 

How I use it:  Sleep Cycle is an app that works by following your sleep patterns and cycles to help wake you up at better time intervals than a regular alarm. It’s also much gentler.  
I use this in tandem with which is a website/app that tells me when the optimal time is for me to go to bed and or wake up based on when I went to bed.

The idea is that our body works in sleep-cycles – four to be exact. With a complete full REM sleep cycle taking about 90-110 minutes to complete, and in order to maximize feeling refreshed it’s a good idea to wake up in-between sleep cycles, so as to not interrupt your sleep progression during sleep time.

So with something like the – I use it as guidance to set Sleep Cycle alarm clock. So that I maximize my scheduled sleeping time to get as much rest as possible, then be gently woken up based on my breathing/snoring that it tracks through the night by listening. If you pay for the premium monthly version it will work in conjunction with your health stats that your phone tracks, such as steps taken that day, the weather, air pressure, moon cycles, and more. Then it saves these data points and visualizes them to you so you can make changes based on this data. Really cool!

I will note: when I have something I absolutely can’t miss I do set 3-4 regular, loud-blaring – Apple alarms in subsequent minutes right after Sleep Cycle is supposed to go off, just because I don’t want the gentler alarm to completely go unheard if I’m really in deep sleep.  

Do I recommend it: A great night sleep is a part of making the most of your day. Whether that is doing business, traveling, or just part of your daily routine – it can help you feel so much better. Plus, like I tell everyone a great nights sleep is where I always start to create any new habits; no question. Other alternatives exist, but yes I do recommend this app.

I do wish the free version had more features included though.


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