Hispanic Chamber of Commerce July After Hours Event

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Hispanic Chamber of Commerce July After Hours Event

So last night I attended the July After Hours event that the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Denver hosted at Prive at Dochester in Downtown Denver, CO.

Two major take-aways.

Sales Success Stories

I met a few incredible people who were sharing some recent success stories with me and the journey they are currently on to reach their dream end-goals. After leaving the event, I feel like I’m truly inspired and re-energized to be utilizing and experimenting with some of the techniques and stories I learned about, in the immediate future. One of those individuals that shared his sales success stories was Jorge Valencia, an Account Executive for Toshiba Business Solutions, Denver Office. Some of the sales knowledge this young man was discussing was truly inspirational, exciting, and a must-know for people who are in this profession (which by the way, is all of us since we sell ourselves every single day). I hope to have him on the Podcast or doing a guest blog, or something along those lines one of these days. In the meantime I’ll be sure to share some of the stories he told me, to my readers in my newsletter, and I’ll add a list of sales podcasts he recommends here.

Podcasts are still an emerging platform of excitement

Consequently, I confirmed that podcasts continue to be a great way to get people excited. As you know I launched my podcast this week and I wanted to share it with others. Based simply on the reception that I’m receiving from just telling people that I’m recording a podcast, they seem truly intrigued and fascinated to see what direction I take it in. Many people have a vision for marketing with digital platforms, but most, it appears, have only knowledge in theory. Many are not getting in the trenches themselves to experiment and SEE what is effective and what is not for their brand. I’m thinking it’s because money and time are playing a factor, and many want to strategize which platforms are worth them even getting into, but truth be told I’ve been seeing this go on for years now. In fact, back in 2005 when Apple launched a new version of iTunes that allowed for it to stream and download podcasts, I remember thinking I should get into this game (keep in mind I SUPER young) by 2009-2010 there was a podcast frenzy and that’s when many key players (but not all!) go their start; think Joe Rogan Podcast. I remember thinking “Well I should’ve gotten into this back in ’05, the market is saturated by now, and it’s not worth it or as effective as it was back then.” Clearly, that is not the case and I think now, more than ever, is the time to explore utilizing Podcasts (Audio), Snapchat (Video), and Subscription Mail Services like MeUndies/DollarShaveClub/Graze (Visual/Touchable/Tastable?).


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