App of the Week: Travello

Posted By on Jun 25, 2019 | 0 comments

What is it: Social networking app for travelers.  

How I use it: Traveling to multiple countries a year, the idea of visiting a locale I’ve never been to before – say Central Europe – and arranging to meet up with people who are going to be there at the same time to meet up so that it feels like I’m traveling with friends all along is very appealing. That’s exactly what happened in April 2019 when I was taking a tour from Vienna to Bratislava to Budapest. I used the Travello app to post an upcoming trip to Vienna. It gave me a list of other users who would be there during the same dates.

We arranged to meet up in a public square and hit the town exploring. Grabbed lunch, and got to know each other. Turned out we were staying in the same hostel! We made another friend, grabbed dinner, and continued through the night. It was exactly what I was hoping for when I first heard of the concept – bridging the gap between community building online and in real life – globally.

I wish a bit more emphasis was put on Meet Up features of the app – maybe it’s up to the community to really build that up – but it would be nice to see more people hosting meetups for incoming travelers as well as more travelers actually showing up. I think that would really catapult the app into a new level – perhaps some integration with and Eventbrite might help as well. Optimization of the app so that it’s less buggy would also be nice.

Overall though, I do really like the concept, I do post my travel pictures with the hopes it sparks a social conversation and more willingness to for people to meet up and do fun activities in person. Hoping I get to go hiking with some folks soon.

Do I recommend it: Nothing else quite like this online. Yes, other social media apps out there have their own communities of travelers, but this is geared directly at travelers who want to build a community while trekking the globe. It has its issues, but I can say I’ve made some friends from it and hope it continues to grow and come out with more features as time goes on.

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