Why I’ve been out for a few weeks

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As my small (but growing!) number of followers, readers, and listeners may have noticed I have not been publishing any new content for the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, due to some surgery I had to have, I focused on getting myself in the right frame of mind before I attempted to promote, write, or record any new material. I had to have surgery to remove a mass that was growing on my clavicle and fortunately it is now gone and everything is healing. Although it wasn’t a major procedure and the mass was non-cancerous it nonetheless took some of my energy that is used to focus on my business and redirected it to focus on my health and personal well-being.

I not only wanted to be transparent about that but also talk about how making time to heal yourself and recharge is a major part of business success at all times in my opinion.

We live in a workaholic leaning society that rewards those that exert themselves and go the extra mile. While I can completely relate to that and also strive for going longer, stronger, faster, and better than my competitors…you also have to realize, we’re all human beings and in order to keep the engine running smooth and all the parts in working condition, you have to do maintenance from time to time. And to make sure of that you have to respond to what your body is asking of you and comply.

Some may see this time away from your business as a bad thing. In this world of limited attention and infinite influence pulling everyone in every direction, it can seem especially true. However, in particular, to my case, I think that if you’re honest about things and prepare your audience in advance if possible (something I need to get better at) then you can take your followers along for the journey. A refresh can be a strategic and smart decision as well. By taking care of small distractions that always were pesky, to begin with, and addressing them so that they disappear, you can come back stronger than ever.

It’s a fine line to play in, but I believe it’s one that allows for some of that recuperation and strategic decision making and energetic resurgence upon your return.

The good news from all of this for myself is that moving forward I have no distractions holding me back from pursuing all the awesome ideas I have in mind for the rest of 2017. (In fact, you can read more about that here)

What do you think? Is taking time for yourself and repair essential for business or is going-going-going and not stopping a better way to handle things? Let me know in the comments below.

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