HUSTLE w/ FinTech CEO, Ramona Ortega ? | Raising capital, marketing, and connecting w/ core customers

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Connecting with your core audience | The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

Connecting with your core audience | The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

In this awesome episode, we get to explore the wonderful mind of Ramona Ortega. I wanted to keep asking her more questions, but Ramona is definitely a very good speaker and has such vibrant, detailed, and well thought out responses to a lot of my questions that we ended up going a little long on this episode, but all to the benefit of you! The listener! I think if you are just getting started with Startups and entrepreneurship this will be a great episode for you in particular because she is definitely speaking to many who may not have that business background. However, she definitely drops several excellent tidbits that even experienced entrepreneurs will benefit from.

  • Tell me what made you decide to get into the FinTech world of entrepreneurship?…1:00
  • What are some of the challenges/hurdles you’ve faced in your journey as an entrepreneur?…6:20
  • How have you overcome challenges as a Latina founder in the startup community? And suggestion on how the startup can improve in accepting more diversity?…12:00
  • What advice would you give to someone who is starting a Fintech company in terms of how they should market themselves? Recommendations?…15:35
  • How to connect with you audience effectively…19:00
  • Sneakerheads…23:00
  • What is the most appropriate way of differentiating yourself from the competition?…23:30
  • What would you recommend for an entrepreneur who is trying to raise capital for their venture, there are so many options out there, but what should they go with?…26:58
  • What would be the biggest piece of advice you would recommend for The Millennial Entrepreneur Network and what resources do you recommend?…32:10
  • Should I quit my job for my side-hustle?..32:37



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