How Millennials can connect and find a mentor who is CEO’s, Executives, Presidents, etc

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Bridging the gap | The Millennial Entrepreneur

Bridging the gap between baby boomers and millennials | The Millennial Entrepreneur


With an extensive international business background, Jim Sugarman is no stranger to connecting cultures. From starting and ultimately selling the first trade show for active stock traders in the US, to building businesses in Hong Kong and the US. In this episode, we talk about his newest venture, 2GFounders, and his quest to connect Millennials with baby boomers to create the best startups in the planet. Jim also talks about how you can venture into new countries with your business, and how you can get the right mentor/mentee/partner.


  • What is 2gFounders?….0:38
  • Why did you decide  to start an organization that connects baby boomers and Millennials?…1:02
  • How should anyone approach going GLOBAL with their service/product/company?…3:00
  • What baby boomer/millennial business relationships have you seen and why does this work?…9:12
  • What are some of the things to look for when trying to pair a Millennial with a Baby Boomer to make sure it’s a good match?…. 11:12
  • What would you recommend for those in search of a mentor or someone with more experience in any particular field?..14:08
  • Where would I find someone who is complimentary and trustworthy and has same vision and goals as me, but is more experienced?…16:06
  • Once I find someone, how do I approach them to propose us collaborating and building a relationship? …17:40
  • Should a Millennial not be afraid to reach out to someone with a big title like CEO, President, Executive, etc they should just go for it?..19:11


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