From Netflix to CEO | How Kate Catlin, the CEO of Flock, is building the future of networking

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Diversity Networking | The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

Diversity Networking | The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast

I first met Kate at the screening of the documentary Generation Startup, at the University of Denver.  My understanding is that this film is now available on Netflix by the way.

But at the time I wasn’t thinking about any of that. I was watching this movie for the first time on the big screen I was intrigued at all the storylines that were playing out on screen. See the entire premise of the documentary is that filmmakers follow around a few different young entrepreneurs, hungry to make a name for themselves and create amazing companies in the great American city of…Detroit, MI

Needless to say, I recommend you check out the documentary it’s interesting to see how these group of young business men and women move to this city and are really a part of the reconstruction and revitalization of the economy of Detroit. The grittiness, the cold weather, and the scrappy attitude the city carries is definitely absorbed by all the entrepreneurs in how they run their businesses. And if you know me, you know I LOVE scrappy, gritty, roll-up your sleeves, blue collar attitude when it comes to business.

So I loved it and was impressed by Kate and her aspirations. She was at the screening and did Q&A at the end which I greatly appreciated. So after connecting with her, I knew she would be perfect for the show! Hope you enjoy.



  • Who is Kate Catlin?…0.33
  • How do you go from graduating college to starting these amazing ventures? How did you do all of that and how does your day to day consist of today?…1:39
  • What are some of the biggest failures for you that turned out to be success stories in the end?…4:43
  • We hear a lot about the statistics, but what does it actually feel like to be a woman in the tech world?…8:25
  • How do you get started in the tech world when you have no experience?….11:30
  • You went through one of these programs, right? How have you become a coder?….13:00
  • Let’s talk about motivation. What keeps you going on a day to day basis?….13:39
  • Have you seen or heard any success stories of people in non-tech hub cities…15:10
  • What advice would you give to introverts or extroverts who want to start building their network or work a networking event?…16:10
  • What is the biggest piece of advice that you would you give to other Millennial Entrepreneurs that want to be as successful as you?…18:00


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